2017 December 2017 – in Shenzhen, China


Each competitor is given the time they need to actually read the book (but not more than two hours). The reading speed is then evaluated, dividing the total amount of words in the book by the reading time in minutes. This gives a speed in Gross Words Per Minute (GWPM).
Then, the books are collected and a sheet with 20 questions is handed to each competitor. Those questions were designed by the author and by a GOMSA arbiter with a few specific rules. For example, there was a minimum of one question per 5000 words, approximately equally spaced throughout the text. Also, the questions required one or two sentences to answer, with no multiple choice. During the marking, one point was awarded per correct answer, and half point could be awarded for partially correct answers.

Michel Wozniak and Tony Buzan
Michel Wozniak and Tony Buzan

The points are then converted into a percentage of correct answers, and, multiplying the Gross Words Per Minute by the percentage of correct answers, the Effective Words Per Minute (EWPM) is calculated.

World Speed Reading Championship 2016 winnerswinners 2016
World Speed Reading Championship 2016 winners